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Gyaah - bloody ballasting

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Before I started to scene the main layout, i decided to do a mock section of track. Its a bit of MDF with a straight bit and a curve of track, and a hill side. I mounted the track down on 1/8th cork and pinned it down. I managed to get the middle of the track looking brilliant, but then I did one of the sides and the excess ballast flowed over the top of the rail and screwed up the middle! Very annoying.

After about an hour I managed to get it all looking pretty good, but when i sprayed it with the water, then water and glue the spray blew some of the balast away and ruined it!

Any tips for me? Any instructional videos I could watch?

Thanks very much,

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I pretty much do exactly what Alastair does. The dropper is a far better method as it doesn't take much puff to blow your ballast out of position if you use a mist sprayer.

I would also recommend looking at the Noch ballast if you can find it. I have tried it recently and it is ground rock rather than what ever that other stuff Woodland scenics uses is. I found it particularly good at resembling crushed granite for Scottish railways. Colour and texture is just right.
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