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Gypsy caravan’ horse drawn, scratchbuilt

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I wanted a gypsy caravan, could I find one, nope, so I made one
30 thou plastic sheet, used a 00 lorry for sizing
Material property Font Rectangle Art Tints and shades

Creative arts Wood Asphalt Automotive design Flooring

Table Wood Rectangle Desk Tints and shades

Tire Vertebrate Wheel Mode of transport Mammal

as this was essentially a test build I fudged the window with some strips
Tableware Tool Hand tool Knife Blade

dress making scissors
Tire Vertebrate Wheel Toy Wood
Toy Wood Working animal Fawn Window

Wood Rectangle Triangle Office supplies Creative arts

Wood Triangle Toy Art Rectangle

Rolling Wheel Wood Toy Track

rough and ready certainly but proves concept
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Hi again Jaz,
Another really nice piece, done so well.
Did spot the caravan on a previous post photo, it’s a really stand out item.
Thanks for posting, Cheers Norm
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