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H & M Duette controller sockets

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Hi all, Does anyone know the correct size plug for the 16v ac socket and where I can get one from. Thanks.
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Hi Andy

I used one of these until about a year ago when I gave it to work colleague.

Much the same problem. I used pins and wires from the Gaugemaster range to wire into the 16V ac output.

I then connected these to a couple of "splitter" multi-connectors, which can more or less take an infinite number of connections from points etc.

I'm a terrible 'bodger'
If I can't get plugs to fit, I usually jam in bared wires with the aid of a matchstick or two, or a bit of carved softwood.
Sorry if my Heath-Robinson approach offends purists
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As Scooter has said Gaugemaster do the "Hornby style" pins and this is what I plug into the 16v sockets on the side of my Duette controller. You get 6 pins to a packet I believe. They also do 10m packs of wire in various colours. You will need to solder the wire to the pin.

Happy modelling
Many thanks to all for their advice. I think I will go with gaugemaster. Better safe than sorry.
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The 16v ac and 12v dc (uncontrolled) sockets on the original HM controllers (not Hornby HM 4000 etc units) are 3mm Banana sockets.
My local model shop has supplies of these plugs in Red, Black, Yellow and Green covers.
Worth a call to enquire on their cost and P & P etc?

Good luck

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Yes Brian - banana plugs allow the wire to be secured by tightening the small grub screw. I have used on many occasions speaker plugs in red and black colours.
Red = positive and Black = negative, wires are secured tightening small grub screw. These plugs make positive tight fit into the Gaugemaster ac and dc sockets.
Thanks again to everyone for their advice and comments
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