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As mainly a 00 modeller I was looking at some sundries the other day and noticed in vehicles I have 1:72, 1:76 & 1:87. I tend to use perspective modelling if possible but I have to admit the size difference can be substantial!
I mentioned it to a H0 modeller and he said he rigidly sticks to 1:87. Is this generally the case? If so is it the greater selection that makes this possible?
Just wondering what you guys do?

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In a nutshell, there are two different schools of thought on this, the Continental and the American. The Continentals have the same issues UK OO modellers have in terms of layout size so they do make compromises on some models, e.g. some coaches will be 1/93.5 instead of 1/87, to enable them to get round tight curves. The majority is scale but you do have to check. With American stuff, authenticity and scale accuracy is the main factor and locos and coaches will require larger turning circles because they are spot on accuracy wise. This isn't an issue in North America because their layouts are considerably larger than those in Europe.

A bonus of modelling in HO is that there a lot more available than there is in OO in terms of kits, sundries and accessories as the German and US HO markets are far bigger than the British OO one. Ussualy there is at least one manufacturer who will make any given model in an accurate scale. Brawa are always bang on scale.

Personally I rigorously stick to 1/87 but if there is an item that I really want which is a bit out but looks ok I will still buy it.

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To expand on Neils answer I only use 1/87 vehicles and accesories on my two ongoing projects, with the exception of an old EKO Ford Thames which is 1/86. My pet hate is the use of Cararama models which are nominally 1/72 a cararama mini alongside an EFE bus quite frankly looks ridiculous. It is my belief that 1/87 vehicles are a better option than 1/72. In addition many modern trucks use similar design cabs so if you buy the biggest in 1/87 it will pass as the medium one in 1/76.

Just my view

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