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HAA / HEA coal loads

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There are various types of HAA wagons available :
BachFar (just released)

There are also a various types of HEA wagons avaiable :
BachFar (although they are just an updated livery)

There are various coal loads available, to fit these wagons, but to save me going and buying them all, which are best :
Peco NR-210, 4 loads for about £2.20
Peco NR-211, 4 loads and canopies (HDA) for about £2.20
Parkside Dundas PN68, 10 loads for about £3.75
Parkside Dundas PN69, 5 canopies (HDA) for about £3.75

Prices exclude P&P

I already have a train with about 25 GraFar / BachFar HEAs, all of whcih need coal loads
I am about to add a second train of about 25 HAA / HDA wagons, and with the above options the Parkside Dundas kits are the cheaper option
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You can always cut up matchsticks and paint them black!

Or are matchsticks too big for N gauge?

This is an OO gauge tip. Sorry about the mistake but I saw "coal" and jumped in.

You could always cut matchsticks down the middle first. Get 4 times as much coal then!

Happy modelling
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Buy a bag of real coal, crush it with a large hammer, and use PVA to hold it in place?
Matchsticks are far too large

Crushed coal doesn't have the right consistency

The best result so far has been from medium grain sandpaper with black pastel rubbed into it

A final attempt was to use fine black ballast, but this too looked awful
have you tried different types of coal? try the bricks and different grades of coal and coke and charcoal.

Dont forget to sive it for different grades. the real stuff is normally in pieces that are about the same size.

Presumably these wagons spend at least half their lives empty whether on a siding or as a rake of empties returning from [insert power plant name here] so the lazy solution could be to leave them empty but weather the insides to look well used? Lazy but prototypical! Or is the idea to simulate full and empty by using removable fillings? Sounds like a discussion on sponge cake to me...

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I am now using a mixture of loads, as above
The problem with empty HAA and HEA wagons is they just don't look right!

The next project is the HTA wagons
However, I am currently using grade 18 metal sandpaper!
When folded down and inserted under the two metal ribs the effect is almost perfect
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