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HAG Swiss pRailcar

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Hi Everyone need some advice. I have 6 sets if these Railcars and they are about 40 years old. I took one apart yesterday to service and found them very simple indeed. I also discovered that they had all metal Cogs. Now my Question is would it be better to put say Roco Grease or something else to keep them lubricated. I was impressed of the simplicity in Design. Thanking you in advance Babs


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Hi Babz, I've always used Peco Electrolube on my HAG stock on the few occasions they became noisy, and it has always worked fine. I've not thought about using Grease of any type, so can't tell if that would have been better or not.
Hi Diw Thank you for your reply. And the tip will give it a go.
Have you converted yours to DCC by any chance .
Hi Babz, no I've not converted anything to DCC. All ran on DC :)
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Hi DIW Just before the pandemic started i contacted HAG and they said it was easy but it would cost 150 CHF per car i have six sets i would like them done the biggest hurdle is the Customs borders and long time ago paperwork for the cars. Difficult. Try to find someone in UK that could do it for me. Babs
Perhaps this page from UKModelshops can help? (I wouldn't know, but it's a start...)
DIW Thank you for the list. I have tried 2 of those at the top of the list and they were not interested i even tried someone closer to me They say a lot of how wonderful they are but when it comes to the crunch they do not live up to their name.People should never Brag of what they can do. Thank you once again.
Babs Ps I might take them with me to Switzerland Luzern and take them to Hag in my Baggage.
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You risk the Swiss Customs trying to classify you as "Going Loco", or worse still, classed as a Trainee with Nougat-ory interest, to be denied Delightful Culinary Classification...

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Re decoder fitting, I have had good service from YouChoos and DC Kits, also seen very good comments about Digitrains, who are good with advice support, too. None of them are cheap, but skills generally come at a price, so it might be worth emailing them. All are busy, so instant replies are unlikely, but worth the wait.

Hi Julian, Thank you for your reply i do buy from Youchoos but they no longer do conversions I wish it was just installing the decoder. It' a bit more than that. I have heard of Digitrains but not DCKits. I have a few other idea's in the pot. Thank you B
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