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Hammant & Morgan

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Hi all,

This is my first post so be gentle with me, I have a Hammant & Morgan Powermaster controller with the 7 switches and full /half switch, which my parents gave me around 1960 as a christmas present to control a Hornby Dublo 8f. I was using it till about a week ago, when it decided to go bang and lots of smoke. I got my electrician to check it out and he advised the capacitor had blown.
The question is would any of you knowlegable people know where I can get a replacement from. I am looking at buying a Morley 4 way controller as a replacement but it is the sentimental side reason I want to repair it.

The details on the capacitor are as follows
Its about 45mm log x 15mm diameter with 1 black & 2 red circles to r/h side of the details, also its a light brown colour
I am also informed it is a type X capacitor what ever this means.

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Once you have decided on a suitable replacement you should be able to get one from either Farnell or RS Components. If you look first you will discover just how many capacitors are available.

To decide on what would be a suitable replacement, the circuit diagram needs to be known so that the purpose of the capacitor can be determined. That will narrow the selection.

As this involves a mains connected device and hence danger of serious injury or death I would strongly advise getting it repaired professionally.

QUOTE (dwb @ 10 Apr 2020, 10:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...To decide on what would be a suitable replacement, the circuit diagram needs to be known so that the purpose of the capacitor
can be determined...
Diagrams available on line, a search will find them. While inside, if intended for use rather than just sentiment, you might want to
replace the rectifier too; as it is likely to have the old selenium type and that would be well down on current capacity sixty odd
years from manufacture.

This particular model was the 'window display job' for model shops, for running the multiple trains around the front window layout
appearing and disappearing from the multiple tunnels or other concealing structures. At least, so I was given to understand by a
chap in the trade way back then...
The "X" rating of the capacitor means that it is designed for use on mains voltages, typically as some form of spike suppression/RF interference filter.
This is one example:; note these come in pack of 5, by the way. CPC are quite happy to deal with private individuals, but there is a charge for orders below a certain value.

Thanks for the replys, I am going to buy the Morley controller when everything opens up after easter.

34C, I have spent a bit of time searching for wiring diagrams, but I have not found anything for the Powermaster, can anyone point me in the right direction.

dwb, The controller is still at the electricians waiting for parts.

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