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No way is the TTS decoder suitable, only 0.5A output rating, this motor will cook it, especially if you want to run the sound as well.

You really need to dismantle the mechanism rather more to get simple access to the pick ups and the motor brush contacts, and fully remove all the existing wiring, which includes the orange blob capacitor which is not required, a DCC decoder takes care of suppression.

These are among the simplest older models to hardwire, with the original wiring all removed solder the black and red decoder wires one each to a pick up strip, orange and grey one each to a motor brush, and you are done as far as motor power installation is concerned. Then use the programme track to check a correct installation by making a successful address change. Don't put the loco on track power until an address change has been made.

The motor is a goodun, I have a couple of these on DCC in N2 chassis, same Airfix GMR motor design. But it does have a high stall current, mine have 1.8A peak capable Lenz Golds in them (which probably gives a clue to how long ago they were converted to DCC, and still running successfully if noisily; the motor is a copy of the old MW005 which is near bombproof, but unless you got very lucky tend to make coffee grinder noises which doesn't in any way impair their running).

Oh and soldering the red and black wires onto the pick up strips, if it is like the N2 and has a plastic chassis, you need to be quick to avoid melting and smoke. Place the joints as far as possible from the plastic 'studs' that hold the pick up strips in place.
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