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I took the step to do away with my old layout and start a new version recycling much of the track, scenics etc
I am very limited in what I can do as I only have a spare bedroom some 2.46 by 2.04 metres (ie 8" x 6"8' roughly).

My previous layoput was a tail-chaser with secnery disguises to break up the view. I know my grandson likes the tail chaser and I would be better off building a shunting layout that can go in the car when I visit my family in Bexhill.

The layout is named after two of my three grandchilren, ie Harriet and Woody. Now, I have to find a way to include the name of the third, Ruby Elaine.

So, I have gone for a tail chaser with an inverted figure eight shape, rising and falling gradients to a laser cut bowstring bridge as the fulcrum. This gives the locos a longer runthrough lap.

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This my basic plan using Peco Setrack for major curves, streamline flexible straights etc plus Streamline points.
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Thought it was time to add a few photos of the layout to date. This where I am .... the ramps and tunnel areas are starting to be linked up. I am a bit of a flitter between the railway side and the scenic side, I build using thick mounting card with wooden support frames made of 12 x 12 mm sparwood.

I try to build all me scenery from scratch. I cover the card with designs made on my laptop and printed onto A4 self adhesive labels. I have made buildings etc with the same method and will continue to do so. I started out twenty years ago with the fine Metcalfe kits, which I studied the strenghteners, joins etc for my own ends.

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