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Harry Potter "Hogwarts Castle" Express

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Review and DCC decoder installation: Hornby R2491 Harry Potter "Hogwarts Castle"

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Hi there,
While the review is still disembodied somewhere I will try to answer the question on which is the best Hogwarts Castle. Apparantly no Castle class owner was prepared to have their loco done up in red livery although I am sure that it would have paid for the next overhaul. There were also issues of route availability I believes.In the film, the loco 5972, Olten Hall, is named Hogwarts Castle. Bachmann use their Modified Hall model. This has detail differences from a Hallclass loco, namely plate frames extending to the front buffer beam.
Hornby did not have a Hall class model and used their Castle class model but giving it the Hall number, 5972. (Hope you are still with me!)
So either of these models is a compromise. The best model would be the newer Bachmann Hall model repainted, renamed and numbered. Unlikely that this will happen because I understand that Hornby has the franchise for UK, Bachmann has it for USA and presumably Marklin for Europe.
Still, accuracy in this loco representation can be flexible - perhaps a spell has been put on the loco by "you know who" and it is therefore a little different from what you see in the film!

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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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