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Has anyone heard of... (schools class V 4-4-0)

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Hornby doing a revival of the schools class V 4-4-0 late this year or next year ?

I bumped into a hornby rep in my local model shop and had a quick chat with him and i mentioned about the old schools class that they made and he said he had heard a whisper on the grape vine that they might be bringing it out with better detail and DCC etc etc.

Has anyone else heard or got any info on this please ?

I hope they do bring one out of it.
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Hope you get your Schools, preferably with a loco driven unit, that would mean I can get a loco driven LMS 2P instead of the ringfield version I have. I guess the LNER modeller could have a Shire / Hunt and the GWR modeller a County?
Now replace the 4F ringfield version with a loco driven version and I'll sleep better!
It's funny as Hornby must have sold more Schools than Compounds/Counties/Hunts combined. You wouldn't be able to predict that would you?

So you'd have to think it's not far away.
It also begs the question why it took Hornby so long to do more Southern?
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