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Magic Goedel - a nice, flowing plan that'd look great in any scale.

A thought Re getting more platform length....

The "East" end of the station. (confusing with North pointing South - hope I get this correct.... :) :) )

If you can move the two crossovers a little more left..... (yes, literally more left - or east on the drawing)
Flow the first (top) turnout more directly from the East>West line curve using the other "hand"
do similar to the other two turnouts south west of it and above the centre platform
you will easily gain another 300mm of platform length for the upper/south side platform

Just a thought - ignore if U like - anyway you do it it'll build and look great anyway, and on the bright side re the cost saving.... by avoiding all those slips, you'll probably gain a bit of improvement in running too - slips can on occasion look much better than they actually perform


PS - Yes, do stay with the finer rail - code 55 looks so much better, and is pretty well "scale" for a heavy main line as you are modelling!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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