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Have a look if your down this way

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Just a short note for any of you who's visiting cornwall at some point. If your heading to north cornwall and passing through bodmin,call in Trelawney garden centre at wadebridge for a coffee or what ever, they have a g scale layout going around the top of the walls in the retail area and several other railway themed things. The resturant,"carriages" is very good,I often take my children for breakfast there when Im not in the kitchen myself, "nice place"
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Ok, should be going there in the next few weeks,see what I can do
Just called a friend who works there to get permission and they told me to come down because they have a few items for sale from this layout,so I'll see if the old corndog will start and pay them a visit.

Sorry about the quality...

...somewhere for the kids....

...a few items for sale.....

...and just around the corner is the John Betjemenn centre which has lots of local railway stuff,cafe,hair salon and there is usualy train films being played all day.

...down the end of the road is the camel trail which is on the old padstow branch

P.S the Betjemann centre is the old wadebridge station.
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It may well be,I've only been in the Betjemann centre next door,assumed because of its similarities that it was part of the same. Have you been to this building?
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Can someone tell me if the video at the top has worked, it does so on my page but goes straight into my fotobucket page, cheers
QUOTE (GoingUnderground @ 2 Feb 2009, 18:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Frame,

It works. Reminds me of the old Hamleys layout from the 1950s.
Also if you visit Padstow and fancy a cup of tea and see my layout heres my gate, located behind Steins pasty shop so easy to find.

Happy holidays.
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