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Been away for a while!

Does anybody out there know about the Heinzl products.

I have Googled but have mostly come up with ebay stuff.

There was a model of the Kittel Dampftriebwagon Old -timer Zahnradbahnen on ebay which showed a 1966 price list [DM 121.50] and a page from their catalogue.
The address of Heinzl was given as...

Hans Heinzl KG,741 Reutlingen - Aulbersrasse 8 - Telephon 07121/8054.

The prices for these Kittel steam rail cars recently on ebay seem to be high.

My interest in these has been since I recently won one from California.
Took a chance as I knew nothing about the maker etc. and won it for $128.
It did not have the original box but was in a suitable Fleischman box with "Heinzl" labels at each end.
It looked to have never been run,probably on display only.
Gears were lubrication less and very clean.
It is a very well made model with central motor [a bit noisy] with twin drive shafts.
It runs very well.In fact one could say 'charmingly".
The construction and detailing seems to be almost hand made.
Altogether a very nice model.Especially if it indeed was manufactured in the '60's??
I imagine the Trix etc versions of today to be more detailed and priced accordingly.

Complements of the Season to one and all.


PS.One nice touch,I recently acquired on the Bay a Fleischmann DRG 03 in red from Switzerland complete with a bar of Swiss chocolate!

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QUOTE (PeterDRG @ 5 Feb 2008, 13:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When Heinzl finished, some of their moulds went to M+F and later Rai-Mo. The Rai-Mo Kittel Dampftriebwagen is quite common on Ebay and was originally Heinzl. I've several Heinzl models and a catalogue. The mystery for me was the Prussian three axle coaches that were regularly advertised in the German magazines of the period, but which I've never come across anywhere.
In some ways it is a bit like the Trains Rousseau catalogue that listed all sorts of things that I'm pretty sure never saw the light of day, yet has only brief information on the stuff that did come out.



Thanks Peter for the info.

I had never heard of Heinzl until I "lucked" out on my un-run example.I have only come across the Glaskasten in my cyber travels.Never knew of the coaches.

I added headlights to my example using fibre optics and LED's.The lamps were perfect to adapt.
Just did one set.It is a great runner.

There is a boxed Heinzl Kittel on ebay Germany at the moment for a 298 Euro "Buy it Now".
It has box and catalogue.
Seems really a high price but I did see one go for almost that amount.

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