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I have a number of Heljan class 47's which I have fitted Express directional lighting units. I have been using Bachmann 36-552 two function decoders, which work fine. However, i was given what I suspect is a Lenz 4 function decoder which had previously been fitted in a friends Heljan class 47 (only removed because he sold it as DC). The decoder works fine, but when I come to add the Express Models lighting unit, some of the lights flicker slightly with the controller in the off position. I have checked all wiring and made sure no wires are touching. I replaced the 4 function with a two function and the lights work fine !!! I use a Gaugemaster Prodogy Advance control system.
I also feel that the loco was a little more controlable at slower speeds with the four function decoder.
Would be interested to hear from anyone else using Express Models lighting in Heljan locos and any problems they may have had. Brian

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First of all I would reset the Lenz decoder to factory defaults.

Then - what Lenz decoder is it ? If it's a 1024/5 series the motor control is not as good as the later Gold & Silvers. Also the Gold & Silvers often need setting up to the motor itself. If you have not got the Lenz instrcutions you can DL them from

Also, check to make sure that there are no supression caps on the motor.
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