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QUOTE (McNab @ 10 Dec 2007, 13:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I would be most grateful if anyone could give me some idea of the minimum radius for the Heljan 47. Dealers are vague on this question, and the Heljan website is in a difficult language...

I go down to 4ft minimum, and have no problem with 2-8-0s, 4-6-0s and even long wheelbase tank locomotives, thanks to a little side-play, and where applicable a stainless steel dental wire from chassis to bogie to gently guide the loco into the curve.

Sacrilege I know, but if you only have a 10ft wide area it's better than nothing!

Ian, the ones that run on our club layout go round 5' 6" curves and I have been told they will go round 5' which is what I use, but I am steam era so have not bought one. I have only one 0-6-0 that will not go round my layout and thats a SR Q1 with no side play at all in the chasis, my Q 0-6-0 with play on centre and leading wheels is OK, but none of my Pacifics will as either the bogie or pony derail or sometimes both. My loft is 10' 6" wide hence the 5' radii.


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