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The side frames are certainly not a tight fit on the 27. Side frames are not interchangeable and one side frame has a molded pipe protruding at the bottom of the side frame. When ordering a spare set of side frames will require B30 x(2) B71 x(2) if I am reading the spares list correctly.

Hiya, I've had a few of these locos 2 x 26 2x 27 2 x 33 (the same chassis), and not yet had any problems as you describe. The bogie side frames are interchangeable, they use the same mounts. They are 'handed' i.e. left and right hand. It may seem daft but check the bogie sideframes all have the steps at the outer end as here.
I have had the screw coupling, (the scale coupling chain on the front), get trapped between the top of the bogie frame and bufferbeam which has restricted the bogie swing once. By untrapping it the problem resolves itself. I've had all the bogie side frames off all my locos, there is one with a speedo drive see above pic, which I think is the 'pipe' you may be reffering to. There should be one of these per loco and on the No2 end, i.e. opposite end to the roof mounted fan. This should also give you the clue which side frames to order if you need a replacement. When refitting the side frames push them on firmly so they are properly located.

The 27's came with some pipes fitted, if you are using the tension lock couplings and have left the pipes on, then these may be the problem. I don't use tension lock, but as you mention it only happens with coupled stock, I think its possibly a problem there, rather than with the bogie mechanism or design. One option wopuld be take the pipes off and see if the same thing happens.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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