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As I'm not up on UK diesel models I usually buy them if the have a "D" number or are in green paint. So at the weekend I bought a Heljan 33 Class with a "D" number and a green paint job. Nice model runs well, detail is reasonable but lo and behold it has a headlight!! Trust me to buy D6508 "Eastleigh", the name should have given it away but I'm dumb when it comes to UK diesels. I want to get rid of the headlight and return it to it's as delivered condition, with out the yellow panels and the headlight. Does anyone make a replacement front for a Heljan 33 class without the headlight. I also want to add a crew so how do I get the cab out without resorting to debonder as the cab appears to have been glued in. Shame they didn't do that to the side windows in the body, damn things fell out when I took the body off to fit a decoder. Took me an hour to find the missing one.

Charles Emerson
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