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Heljan 33

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Bought the new Heljan 33 yesterday at Birmingham, is a fine model except for one problem.
works fine in one direction, when u try to operate it in the other it shorts out and overlaods the controller. Any idears anyone before i send it back? thanks
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I'll asume this is on a straight bit of track?

QUOTE fine model except for one problem

If it can's go backwards as well as it does forwards you are being too kind. Personally I would return it post haste. This is not something that you should be doing on your own.

May I suggest something else that I have found has worked well for me in the past. If I am buying a locomotive from a dealer and that dealer does not allow me to operate said locomotive prior to purchase, kindly say good day and return your wallet to your trousers. Now I understand that some shops may not have test tracks but I think this is a good indication of who you should be spending your money with if at all possible. These toys are expensive, you deserve no less.

Of course if you are purchasing locomotives through eBay like I have been lately well then good luck!
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I believe keith01 purchased at the Warley Model Railway show at the NEC. The Class 33 was a show sell out. Dealers present were reporting this back to the Heljan stand. There were one or two third party stands offering to test newly purchased locomotives out at the show and these included "Model Rail Magazine" and "The Train Collectors Society". With the cost of even a small trade stand being almost £1000 for the two days with larger stands costing in excess of £4000 (Southampton Models and Cheltenham Models for example) dealers are not going to have the space for test facilities although it could be argued that a rolling road could be made available.

It cannot be stated too highly the usefullness of rolling roads. They do not permit a dealer to claim that it may be an issue with the track or wiring and I test all new locos on a rolling road rather than a layout.

I did get a feeling speaking to visitors that they were broadly supporting their local dealer if they were present just in case of such an issue arrising as mentioned above.

Happy modelling
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I've been to those types of shows that have societies that offer users to test their new purchases and I would take up their offer. But a small test track no more than can rest on your lap would be more than sufficient. It just needs to allow the train to go back and forth. 6 inches wide and 3 feet long should do it.

I don't mean to be overly strident but this is the kind of stuff that can turn people off to our hobby. There needs to be an extra level of service offered up front not when asked due the expense and yes the complexity of our hobby.
Yes this is on straight track.Have just telephoned shop concerned, loco heading back in post ASAP
Top dealer. Thats how it should be.

I totally agree with you Dennis and you are not being overly strident at all with your remarks.

Show organisers should be very up front with this and offer a test facility clearly visible at the entrance to every show where traders are present. And all major gauges should be catered for. And dealers who offer a test facility at shows are almost certainly going to get more business so it surely has to be in their interests to offer this where possible.

This surely has to be in the interests of everybody at the show and has to increase the sales for those traders who pay very high sums of money to attend shows.

And it would be cost effective.

keith01 is a good example. How much more cost effective would have been to have simply sorted this out with an exchange at the show rather than now having the overhead of shipping and administration.

In fact I am confident that anybody who has a small stand at a show in the right place and charges £0.50 per test would make a fortune! And this stand should be supported by all the dealers at the show. 18000 visitors x £0.50 is a lot of money!

Happy modelling
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Going back to the show, how big was it and can we get some pictures?
I am puzzled in reading that visitors to Warley exhibition were able to purchase Heljan Class 33 diesel locomotives - what model? as according to Heljan Selection " New World" December 2005, eight models are displayed. Heljan sales notified me in reply to my request for information, that the Class 33 models were due for release early in 2006, but no date scheduled.
Two Heljan authorised retailers have too stated that no date in 2006 had been notified to them by Heljan, and that the model I was enquiring about - 33065 "Sealion" was not scheduled by Heljan Sales, even though the Heljan Selection pamphlet advertised this model.
Is Heljan advertising phantom models or am I missing something?
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At least two stands had supplies, only of green and blue versions only, these were flown over by airfreight, main supply arrives by boat in 2 weeks time apparently.
According to direct information from Heljan in Demark, the class 33 diesel locomotives have no definite release date other than 2006.

Models shown for release in 2006 are:

3300 33065 Sealion. (Stated by Heljan authorised UK dealer - unknown).

3301 33008 BR Heritage Green Eastleigh. Green - White - Yellow.

3302 33035 Network SouthEast. Blue - Grey - White - Yellow.

3303 33030 EWS maroon & gold.

3310 D6553 BR green "Eastleigh". Green - Cream - Yellow.

3312 33025 "Sultan" grey roof. Blue - Grey - Yellow.

3313 33004 blue DCE. Blue - Black - Cream - Yellow.

Which two of the above models were sold in advance at the Warley exhibition?
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mine is catalogue no 3311 loco no 6572 in BR blue
The saga continues, as i will not be beaten i contacted Heljan today via email, they suggested a remedy and hey presto it worked!! . Problem was tail light bulb shorting out on chasis!! .So class 33 now running with no problems.
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QUOTE (double00 @ 6 Dec 2005, 15:08)Models shown for release in 2006 are:

3300 33065 Sealion. (Stated by Heljan authorised UK dealer - unknown).

33065 is in Dutch livery - Yellow - Dark Grey (On display at Warley) for those wanting to know who have no clue to what livery its in.
QUOTE Problem was tail light bulb shorting out on chasis!! .So class 33 now running with no problems

Of course and it only occured when the tailight was activated when travelling in reverse.

I think I'll stick to wind-up trains from now on.
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I keep hearing reports that Heljan have got the roof profile wrong on their 33's,also the cab windows look slightly 'iffy'
,-has anyone got the definitive answer on this?
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Rolling roads are not the complete answer, I bought a Bachmann 37, which on the RR worked well [ forward and reverse ], When I brought it home, it went into store, only now do I find it does not like to go around curves !!.
Any suggestions?.

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How tight a curve are we talking about here and what doesn't it like about them? Does it derail, slow down or come to a stop?
My Heljan Class 47 diesel locomotives simply slow down on the last 2nd radius curve. The Heljan Class 47 like my other two Class 47, made by other manufacturers slow down too on the same 2nd radius curve.
I find the common denominator, is each bogy has six wheels, of which the centre wheels are free floating. It would appear that the centre wheels, act as a break while on the bend and releases grip of the rail when traversing on the stretch of straight track.
A check of the layout board with a spirit level, can show whether the board is in a true level state on all four sides.
I had a similiar problem once with Orient Express coaches that had six wheel bogies. Could only solve it with larger radius corners. Can you add transitions, also called easements?
Can you please give more information on easements? Radius 3 curves would probably solve the slow down of six wheel bogies. However when restricted to a board measuring 7'x3', the half circle bend made up of four radius curves will not fit into the 3' wide space.
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