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Heljan Class 25/3

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Hi Folks,

A couple of queries about this model (specifically code 2555 BR Green with SYP) if I may.

1) I wish to put a driver in both ends. Modelu3d have two seated diesel drivers - 1105-043 and 1127-043 (this latter figure specifically labelled 'Class 24 Driver').

Which is correct (or should I say 'more correct' ?) for the Class 25 - is it #1105 or #1127?

2) I would like the tail lights to be switchable via a function key and direction-dependent cab lighting - also switchable via a function key. Obviously the headcode should be direction-dependent and separate from the cab lighting.

Hornby Modeller January 2019 (issue 139, pages 94-99) intimated that this requires some modification to the circuitry and/or fabrication of a separate circuit for part of this.

Desk lighting linked to the headcode would be fab. Given that the headocde lighting has been separated from the cab lighting - this is a simple enough addition/modification - correct?

Just what is possible without modifying the model egarding lighting and secondly, how easy is it to make the necessary modifications?

As per the HM article, it would be nice to retain the electrically-operated fan via F15 by connecting the brown wire to function output 5 and altering the following CVs in the ZS25ASL sound-scheme: CV448 = 15, CV450 = 5 and CV452 = 5.

Thanks in advance folks.

Happy Easter!

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