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Personally, I think modellers are very good at thinking about what would be 'nice', what is a 'brave' move, what they think should be made (but wouldn't purchase themselves) and what they think would sell well without appreciating the commercial factors or the fact that the 53 has never appeared in model polls.

Yes, Heljan has advised that the model will be a limited edition and they have also indicated that it will only go into production if there is sufficient demand. Evidendently they have already recognised that the model is a risk, especially when only one was built and modellers are therefore unlikely to purchase more than one (collectors probably will).

I would be surprised if the 53 comes to fruition. If it does, I think it will be very expensive.

Heljan would be better off focussing their efforts on a 22.

Graham Plowman
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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