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QUOTE (normski @ 9 Jan 2008, 14:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Advice from anyone who has one please.I brought this last week after being inspired by Dyserth RD layout! it should plug and play but doesn't! I can get it to move the trolley across the top, turn on all the lights and rotate the basket but it won't move the gantry.Now it states it should run off your track controller, mine is a prodigy giving 14/16v 3.5amps but to no avail.So i rigged it up to my 12v battery charger giving up to 4.5v and still no joy?? any advice appreciated.Also as you move the trolley the light dim suggesting not enough power.When i tested it with my prodigy it was a direct link into the base unit with no other tracks connected up.It also sais dcc operable can someone advise how to rig that up! The manuel is pretty useless.thanks in advance.

Although I have never had a play (as in setting one up) with one of these I would not advise connecting the GM Prodigy to anything but the supplied power unit.
Increasing the input to the controller will not increase the output.
Somehow, though I don't think the problem is power related, the motors are very small & they would draw very little current.
John from Bromsgrove Models has, I understand experience with the unit.
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