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The very obvious prototype that Bachmann have readily accessible is DP2. Deltic chassis, modified Deltic body, ca-ching. It did a fair amount of service in traffic, and might well have lasted as long as the class 50's it parented had it not been an accident write-off: it was well liked as a piece of kit by the traction department.

As for the Baby Deltics, I suppose a short run model has to be a possibility some time or other. For my southern end of ECML circa 1960 purposes this unreliable class is 'virtually modelled'. Any turn booked to one appears behind an N2 or a class 20/24/30, (or if the traction situation is truly desperate an N7) the Baby Deltic having 'failed to get off shed'. If one were produced RTR I would feel obliged to operate it, and then have it break down and clutter up the running lines...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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