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QUOTE (gdaysydney @ 21 Dec 2007, 08:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Martin,

Where did you get this information? Have you purchased any of the models?

I have the lime green and thetwo tone green on order - I am expecting them to arrive in the new year. Can anyone in the UK who has received their Falcon confirm this posting?

This topic on RMweb has now reached 13 pages and I have copied below one of the responses. There are also photos of the 2 versions of the buffer beam and the faults in the chassis casting. I think one of the problems will be that Howes of Oxford appear to be 'service agents' and retailers got their stock direct from Heljan in Denmark. It looks like most retailers have sent out their stock and now sold out. From what I have read it is only Howes that have held back their stock.
Hope this helps

QUOTE I sent Howes an email and they responded very promptly. Attached to the email was document that explains the problem. Here is a cut and paste.

Having just received our shipment of the new Heljan FALCON we have noticed a problem with the fitting of the buffer beam units.

Two types are supplied, a scale 'full' depth version and a 'short' version for use with a tension lock coupler. These units are designed to be interchangeable but because the chassis has been poorly cast, this is not always possible.

We understand that Heljan Denmark have requested replacement chassis units as the problem emanates from production in China.

Howes Models Ltd policy is to hold our FALCON models until we can ship fault free models to our customers.
Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but trust you understand our position.
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