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Just got mine, even though I had reserved one, the retailer had lost my order.

Got the last one in Blue (wanted eary Green/Yellow). One full length buffer beam removed, both tags broke and ends stuck in chassis Block.

Another problem are the buffers. Had to push them out of full length beam and they do not fit the shorter one. Had to push through and twist which makes a big hole. I have manged to glue these in but they no longer spring. £94 spent and I have to do this.

I now need to drill out the holes in the chassis and try and glue them in.

A better bet would have been for one of each buffer beam to be fitted, different type at each end as a lot of modelers detail only one end, as I do.

I have heard that Howes may be supplying a new chassis block, but this will mean replacing all internal parts, fine if they are going to do this but not if they are asking the customer to.

Not happy with this at all.
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