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Heljan Metropilitan BoBo

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Ordered a Heljan Metropolitan (Vickers?) BoBo on Saturday from Hattons at £74 - looks like a 'bargain.' Has anybody else got one of these?

My excuse for buying (other than I like the looks - not pretty, but a nice example of the era, and the price) is that I can put my GWR clerestories behind it with some sort of justification in that I believe they were used to pull GWR trains from Paddington to 'the city.'
The one I've ordered appears to have Aylesbury / Liverpool St. on the 'blinds' - not exactly appropriate but with my eyesight being what it is that probably won't matter - but does anybody know what it should have - Paddington and where?
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Mine arrived in Oz last week...........couldn't resist the Hattons price(although I don't really need one!!) put on the rolling road and it runs like a dream straight out of the box.

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