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QUOTE (mow @ 5 Oct 2006, 18:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Heljan have updated their website, and there is a rather interesting turntable video demonstration.

Not all the features on the website are fully operational, but will this product make Peco or Hornby revamp their turntables?
When I saw the arch I thought it looked like the Walthers one. It wasn't till I got to the end of the film clip that I saw it had been developed by them and Lenz. It looks ok.

269 Euros is about the same as the Fleischmann one.

Fleischmann, Maerklin, Roco and Walthers all have comparable turntables which have been out for a while and they haven't given Hornby and Peco an incentive to make a decent turntable. I don't see why this would make them.
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