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Hello All

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Just joined up. I'm from suffolk in the UK and have just been bitten by the bug. Thought this would be a good place to get help and advice and possibly even make some new friends.

Look forward to chatting with you.
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Fairly common story i guess, i was always interested as a kid but never had the time or money to get involved but have always kept a keen eye on things via the internet. Now the kids are grown up and i have a little spare cash.

I was off sick from work for a couple of weeks earlier this year and watched a mark found program on the box that featured layouts at the dortmund exhibition in 2005 i think. I mentioned it to mate of mine who's into garden railways and he said lets go see it for ourselves, the layouts on display were awesome and we had a great time so i think we'll be going again next year.
It was also my birthday around that time and my wife was looking for something to buy me so i jokingly said to her how about a hornby train set ? Within a week i was building my first layout based on their trackmat, then i started to modify that slightly and add scenery etc so thats how i got bit. I'm now looking for local clubs but they seem few and far between in this area.

Having been to quite a few exhibitions etc through the summer and doing loads more research i decided i'd like to model the station in the town that i've lived my whole life, it closed in the sixties, so that's the road i'm just starting down now. The only concrete decision so far is that i want to go with DCC.

Anyway i have to finish the hornby layout first, i'm going to give it to my young nephews and hopefully inspire them to get involved.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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