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Hello everybody.

My father and I have just recently started getting a layout together for my son, and it's turned out to be just as much fun as it was back when I was a kid.
I am most interested in the Scottish side of things and in particular The West Highland Line.
All the best.

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Hi BlackBart and welcome to the MRF.

Good to see 3 generations working together on a layout and bringing new blood into the hobby. If you need any help or advice this is the place to get it. Just ask away.

What size layout are you working on ? I look forward to seeing some pictures of your progress.

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QUOTE Looking forward to picking all your brains.

I do hope you mean figuratively; coming from someone with a Jolly Roger as their avatar it's a trifle unsettling

Welcome to the Forum by the way


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I would also like to add my belated welcome to the forums - any questions - fire away.

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