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hello and thankyou

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I'm fairly new to the world of railway modelling. My only practical experience being a small 3 ring Hornby set built a couple of years ago for my nephew, although it's a hobby I've wanted to take up since I was a child.

I plan to start with a fairly ambitious (for me) layout so I'll be asking quite a few, often basic, questions. Apologies as many of the questions have no doubt been asked a hundred times already. I've been having a browse of the forum and have got a lot of useful ideas, so thanks already.

I've only got as far as deciding to stay with OO, and use DCC. Apart from that I'll be making good use of your suggestions.
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Hello and welcome to the Forum

Don't be afraid to ask any questions , someone will have an answer
good choice to go with DCC the possibilities are endless

If I was starting out fresh I would consider the NCE powercab system , fully featured (28 Functions and can read CV's) and expandable.

Enjoy the hobby and the Forum


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Hi Chris and welcome to the MRF.

I've actually seen (and replied to) your second post already but just thought I would give you a formal welcome anyway.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We're a pretty amicable bunch and we all had to start somewhere.

Good luck with layout. Maybe post a drawing of it if you have one.
Hi Chris and welcome

Any questions please fire away and we'll do our best to give you the definitive answer.

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