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Just like to say hello to you all. It's nice to know there are places like this to discuss the subject matters. Heres a little bit about what I'm about.

It was roughly 1 year ago when I decided to take the plunge into railway modelling, or should I say buying locomotives blindly with no thought.

In the beginning I went a bit mad and bought secondhand diesel OO locos off that well known auction site. I ended up with a mishmash of models with no focus on any particular region, era etc.

In confusion, I ended up selling them all again, to start from scratch. I then went through a period of which scale to do. OO or N....OO or N, good grief I just could'nt decide. Model quality made the choice for me. I just could'nt accept the limitations in detail of the Graham Farish stuff. I mean that class 56 must be the most horrible looking model I've ever seen!

Anyway with scale decided, it brings me to the present. I now realise I am a dieselhead foremost. Living in Carlisle, I have a wealth of places in my city to base a layout on - I plan to model the DRS depot, old Kingmoor marshalling yard, EWS wagon repair depot, EWS coal depot, the old Esso oil terminal, the old London Road passenger station, Currock/upperby sheds, and last but not least the main citadel station.

If I ever get round to doing all this, then i'll eat my hat! But i'll give it a dam good go. So there you have it, thats what i'm about. Hope to talk to some of you soon.
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