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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone, I am glad I have found and joined this Rail forum site.
A bit about myself, I'm 44 years old , divorced, now living in Richmond, Surrey, UK. I have two Children and one grand daughter who is nearly 2.
I used to model in all sorts of stuff from OO scale British outline,(GWR and Modern, well it was modern, when i did it last about 10 years ago.LOL I also did R/C Flying, mainly Gliders about 16 years ago , and have always been into 1/35th Scale Military AFVs and other types of plastic kit bashing too.
The Modeling Gene in me became active again a couple of months ago, first time since moving here 8 years ago.I don't have a lot of space where I live, but want to build a layout. I have some ideas and I will post more details in the OO9/HOe section, but basically its a steam rack narrow gauge railway. Hence the reason for me joining on here , so any ideas suggestions help etc. I would be very grateful.
I have surfed around on the web to see whats around and I am finding useful information as to where I can lay my hands on track , rolling stock is proving a bit of a headache as I'm after an Continental type HOe 0-4-2T loco

I apllogise to the mods if this into is a bit more than a hi message,
but the project i want to do is spread over a couple of the areas on here, I will post later in the different sections once I get the hang of it on here

Thanks for reading this


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Welcome Julian and no need to apologise to anyone for telling us about yourself while saying hello!
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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I must pull out all my HOe locos. I've been buying them for a few years without taking stock.

I do have some nifty plans for them and I'll be changing the livery on some of them.

What are your rack locos? I have one in HO, but I haven't seen any in HOe. Are you using N-scale track or HOe track with a rack fitted?
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