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hello fellow modellers

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big warm hello to you all.
im just starting to build my first layout for me and my son (5yrs old) so far i have built the baseboard in the loft and it mesures 11ft long x 6 ft wide. im running 00 gauge and got about £1000 worth of track and train units.

i am finding it very very hard to decide on a layout
and how to basically build a nice layout so any help on websites showing layout designs would be most appreciated and i can then get to work and keep my son happy

speak to you soon

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Hi Martyn, welcome to the forum.

With an 11x6 layout it would probably be best to have a sort of oval so at least your son and yourself can enjoy the trains going around. It doesn't have to be perfectly symmetrical and could be amoeboid or dog-bone shaped.

Then add a couple of focal points like a station on one side and a goods yard or engine yard on the other. This gives a sense of purpose to the layout and allows one operator to be occupied with some shunting tasks whilst the other is running on the mainline.

Where there is space in the middle, add scenery - kids love building and playing with this - even more than adults. Add roads with scale cars and busses.
Hello Martyn, a very warm welcome to you.
If it's layout plans you are looking for then I can recommend a small, inexpensive book by Cyril Freezer, it's called "60 Plans For Small Locations". It doesn't matter if your particular size isn't there as all the plans shown can be easily modified one way or the other and what is most important is that they all work as model railways.
As a matter of interest are the dimensions given that of a solid baseboard 11' by 6' or are those the overall dimensions of a "U" shape or rectangular shape consisting of various baseboard lengths and widths?
hi there ceedeeI
the size of my base board is 11ft by 6 ft square
thanks for the info on the book and thanks also to doug for his help.
this evening i had my son for a few hours after school (im divorced from his mum
) i am now re married by the way
and shes a lot better

and we went itno the loft and he played with some really old rust track making a small layout (a circle) for him self and i got to work on my new project for him ( and me
if i can i will take some pics of it and try if it is allowed on here to send them to you to see what you think or if you think there are any changes i might need to make. i think my most worrying issue is points and if i put electic in the layout for the points

thanks again


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Sounds like the lad is off to a flying start Martyn if he can put a circle together. Don't have worries about anything as there is all the help in the world here and for my part it will be given as often as you feel you need it. You just have to ask.
All the best with your future modelling...Bob
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