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Hello from a Canuck

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Hi all. I'm Canadian but I'm just starting to get into collecting British oo gauge models. I'm primarily interested in Great Western Railway steam locomotives. I don't currently have a layout, and I have doubts that I will be able to build one in the near future (I have a small budget and smaller space), but I have a decent collection on display. Currently I only have three British models: Hornby LB&SC terrier, Bachmann GWR 4575 small prairie, and Hornby BR ex-GWR Grange class. I'm looking at adding a GWR Castle class to my collection next. Well anyhoo, I'll be hanging around here as I continue to learn more about British railway modeling.
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Welcome to the Forum. I think it is safe to say that there plenty of other members who share your particular interests. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask; somebody nearly always has an answer.

Welcome! Whereabouts are you in Canada?

Hi there, welcome to the forum from across another slightly larger pond.
Hi there Canuck. A Merry Christmas to you and welcome to the MRF from sunny Dubai.

I also model GWR but in N Gauge so at least we have some common ground. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here as there are some very knowledgable modellers who are always willing to lend a helping hand with problems.
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Hi & welcome to MRF - we're pretty friendly here so ask away with any questions - someone here will be bound to know the answers.
Hi mate,
I hope you are a true Canuck i.e. Vancouver Canuck! What a team - 1982 - Stan Smyl, Ivan Boldirev, Tiger Williams, Lars Lindgren - these were great hockey players and what a great team to make it to the Stanley Cup.
Thanks for the welcomes. I'm right smack in the middle of the prairies in southern Saskatchewan, and even though it can sometimes get colder than the north pole, I love it. Again, I'm very new to UK modeling, but once I started learning a little bit about it and when I got my first British outline model, I was hooked! The Canadian and American models in my collection are actually getting a little boring because we see them literally all the time. Now all I need is the time, skill, and most of all, the money to start building some of those awesome etched brass locomotive kits. Again, thanks for welcoming me to MRF
Hi there and welcome - fire away we don't bite

Hi there, and welcome to the forum. I am also fairly new to this forum. I live in Ontario and am a Southern Railway modeller in 00. You will find lots of usefull info here. We have at least a couple of good suppliers in Canada. One in B.C. and one in Ontario.
Hello and welcome

I'm also a newcomer in this forum and post from the place with the two seasons "Warm rany period" and "Cold rany period" - called Germany.
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