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Firstly I'd like to say hello to you all officially.

I've been lurking in the shadows for a while now and it's time to join in officially.

I notice that there are a few names and layouts i reconize from another forum that I belong to.

Now about me....

I returned to the model railway scene last year, after a break of over 20 years. Previous experience was in OO gauge and just a basic oval on a flat board with a couple of sidings, but never any real scenery. So in essense it was just a train set, but it gave me and my brother a lot of fun.

Now I'm a bit older (according to my birth certificate), and have a little more money, patience etc I've finally decided to return. This time I'm going to give N gauge a go. Mainly due to the fact that I can get more into the space available to me. N gauge seems to have improved since my childhood days or is it just more available.

My layout is going to be living in the loft eventually, and is currently DC operated. It is currently being constructed in a modular way. until the loft gets converted. Each board is either 1ft X 3ft or 3ft X 2ft, this is so they will fit through the loft hatch.

There are pictures and a plan, that I will attempt to post over the week. Although my pictures and build quality are a bit basic. But hey after 20years there is a lot to re-learn.

Thank you for giving my first post a read.


(real life name John)

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Hi John, and welcome.

I hope you enjoy MRF as much as we do.


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Hi John and welcome to the MRF. I too have returned to the hobby after more years away than I care to think about and have also 'converted' from 00 to N with the object of running scale length trains through a scenic layout.

Look forward to seeing your progress.
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