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Hello from a newbie!

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I stumbled across this forum whilst looking for information on carriage traversers and liked it so much I joined.
Im Steve and am originally from Wolverton, Bucks now living in south east kent. Im a gas engineer by trade and have a keen interest in modelling from a spectators point of view. This will soon change as my better half bought me a Night Scott set for xmas last, and I inrend to build my model railway based on the west coast main line through the infamous wolverton bend and the adjacent works. (the bend was the undoing of the APT..though the modern pendellinos manage it ok!)

Itll be a "what if" layout, allowing me plenty of scope for artistic lisence.
What if loco building wasnt moved to crewe?
What if Wolverton didnt loose the magority of the carriage works?
What if the nobby line (the branch linking Newport Pgnell and new bradwell) wasnt axed.?
What if woverton kept its road trams?

I intend to run just about anything I please and dont have a time period in mind, though as wolverton was a town built by the railway company during the victorian era I can model right up to the present day if I wish, though my main interest is in steam.

I will be lurking around the various forums here and will probably be popping up now and again to ask inane questions!
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Hi Steve and welcome to the forum, we're a pretty friendly bunch here and generally help each other . if you have a problem or query just ask away - normally someone somewhere will come up with the right answer.

Your idea for a project sounds good, just remember to keep us posted on developments.

Which part of south east Kent do you now reside in?

Hi BritHO
Thanks for the welcome! To answer your question, Im in Deal these days. Im within spitting distance of the sea front actually.
Hi Steve
G'day from downunder
Regards Zmil
QUOTE (wolverton bloomer @ 15 Aug 2008, 13:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for the welcome! To answer your question, Im in Deal these days. Im within spitting distance of the sea front actually.

Ah - the Channel coast - from my windows I can sea the glorious(?) Thames Estuary and North Sea!

Hi Steve
Welcome to the forum ......
The layout sounds good i especially like "what if " part its good to use poetic licence
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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Hi Steve & welcome to the MRF from a hot & sticky Dubai.

Like the sound of your chosen layout theme and look forward to seeing some progress photos.

Happy Modelling,

Hi Steve

The more WCML layouts the better! I know you say your main interest is steam but electric blue classes AL1 - 5 are a must surely?


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