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Hello from a rookie

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Just a quick hello. I've been trawling thru the net looking for site dedicated to Model railways and was directed here from the Hornby forum.

I've not been fortunate enough to have ever had a model railway - it was always 'too expensive' when I was a lad, and then girls and work got in the way. Fortunately my wife accepts that I am a closet geek and is happy to incorporate my hobbies (my telescope used to live in the lounge until I got a secure and unheated lock up for it outside).

Anyway, my 15 month son has an absolute love of trains already - he stops what he's doing and come running a Thomas's theme tune. He also loves it when we play with his Happlyland set. Not quite a model railway, but has sparked my interest to look further into the hobby.

I've got a multitude of books from my local library to read thru now and plans to visit an exhibition later next month (Epsom and Ewell, if anyone else is going?) I'm not in any rush to start building straight away, but hope to start amassing some equipment etc over the next few months. Just need to decide what era to go for (a post war mix of steam and diesel, or something from the 1970's when I grew up?!?)

Anyway, that's me. I hope you'll look kindly on the numerous questions I'm bound to ask in the near furture.


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Hi Hugh and welcome to the forum'

Sounds like you're going to have fun with this hobby, but a word of warning - make sure you take plenty of money to the exhibition - you will be sorely tempted by some of the bargains you see.

Welcome to the forum..
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Hi Hugh and welcome to the MRF.

It's amazing just how many people are joining the hobby these days. Everyone from the likes of myself who are returning (some would say reverting to childhood) after 40 years absence, to new comers like yourself who are taking it up for the first time. I'm sure you will find it a very enjoyable hobby and, with your young son being so keen, you will be helping to encourage a whole new generation of modellers.

Good luck with your endeavours and if you need help or advice there are plenty here who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience.


QUOTE (Expat @ 31 Mar 2008, 17:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's amazing just how many people are joining the hobby these days.


Listening to many other traders we get the opposite viewpoint. Admiited, there does not seem to be many younger modellers, but many, many people seem to be returning. As traders we are seeing people amazed at the quality of current models available today, as well as the superb range of accessories & scenics.

However, there does seem to be good number of younger modellers on MRF, which is a good sign. Most hobbies have peaks & troughs anyway. I wonder if the lack of local hobby shops is the same for R/C for example ?
Hi there Hugh..a big welcome to the forum..sounds like your going to have loads of fun sharing your hobby with your young sure your noth enjoy a newcomer myself to the model railway scene..its a retirement project for me!! enjoying it..ive been to a few exhibitions too..took loads of pictures..i was amazed at the huge following they attract...well worth the visits...Good luck in your new hobby...Cheers...Bryan
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