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Hello from Brunel's backyard

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Hello folks,

I'm a returner to the hobby (since 2002), an enthusiastic amateur as far as railways are concerned, half way through building my second layout (so, masses to learn and a long way to go yet).

My main interests are D&E modelling, DCC Control, GWML operations, the sight and sound of an HST, and where possible, keeping the peace.

Actually, come to think of it, my biggest interest is having fun. Easy to lose sight of when it's gone midnight and something which should work, resolutely doesn't...

Wishing everyone happy modelling.
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Thanks very much, David and Doug.

I like the Oz idea - 24-hour, Worldwide Modelling!

I'll see if I can get a pic worth posting, Doug. There's not much to see yet. I'm working on a storage level-cum-fiddle yard, ultimately to be hidden away beneath a scenic level (the building of which seems an age away).

I was inspired by Andy MacMillan's articles on "Tupdale" in last year's Model Rail. Since I will be doing a similar amount of fitting a quart into a pint pot (9' by 6' OO), I'm having to cram in all kinds of compromises...
Thanks also John and Neil for the welcome!

Have to say, I'm having enormous fun with my first taste of digital sound, Bachmann's Class 66, and a Lok Sound decoder in the Hornby Fragonset Class 31. Absolutely brilliant!

Although largely a D&E modeller, I'm looking forward to the first UK outline Steam locomotive with sound. One or two of those will tempt me for sure, as I think nothing beats that evocative sound (even in miniature). I was hoping Bachmann might release one this year, but clearly, we'll have to wait, or fit our own when they're available.

'Scuse my ignorance, Neil, but may I ask what locomotive that is in your signature block there...?
Wow, that is a beast of a machine...

Yes, I'd like to see Steam outline sound, too. I've seen it demonstrated in the Model Rail video, and I think it really adds.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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