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Hello From Conna, Ireland

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Hi Folks,

I have joind a few weeks back but only now just saw this area. I am living in Conna, Co. Cork Ireland, Heres the link if anyone wants to see the village, it is quite picturesque:

I had a long break from Railways after turning to Plastic Aircraft modelling and Aviation photography( still doing this though!!). I have discovered in the loft copies of railway Modeller from 1984 costing 75P so it been a 23 year break. looking at the prices during those years the models seemed cheap!!

I have just gotten back into the hobby and amazed at the detail and products available. Due to space etc I decided to go into N gauge having previously modelled in oo. I constructed a 8x4 baseboard for a continous run mainline station setting, having laid down the trck plans and bought over £300 quids worth of track I decided to scale down the project as I had under estimate the cost of the other scenic accesories!!!

I scaled my plans down and curently have a small N gauge layout based on GWR/Southern Theme in the 60's, It is 5x3 and the setting is a fictional country Station them wih bay platform and three sidings. I was a useful excercise I got to practice ballasting, scenery techniques etc., I exhibited it in a model show in Waterford before Christmas. I have a stock about 5 Dapol 45X, 2 14x, 2 x M7, GF Class 20, Class 33, Batle of Britian, Merchant Navy, GWR Railcar and Pannier tank. Coaches are Crimson and Cream and Southern Green plus various freight stock.

I am currently collecting Irish Railway models and have 2 Class 201's, 2 x 121, 1 X 141 and N Call Mogul, 2 x A class and and NCC Jinty and a few coaches etc, I hope to try to tackle a kit or two in the future as they pose a fair old challege for sure.

I also hope to convince to wife to put a line or two out in the Garden as I dont really have space in the house for a layout!!!

I have also got my father back into the hobby and we both run DCC equipped model in OO Only on a test layout!!

All in all once I get the time to look at the options I hope to be back into Full swing in the near future.

I will hope to contribute as much as I can with my limited knowledge!!


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Welcome to the forum George,

Don't be scared to ask questions on just about anything railway related, you will almost certainly get the answer you requre.


Hi George Welcome to the forum. Nice part of the world your living in, almost as nice as Scotland
. Look forward to seeing your layout as it develops.
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