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Hi Folks,

I have joind a few weeks back but only now just saw this area. I am living in Conna, Co. Cork Ireland, Heres the link if anyone wants to see the village, it is quite picturesque:

I had a long break from Railways after turning to Plastic Aircraft modelling and Aviation photography( still doing this though!!). I have discovered in the loft copies of railway Modeller from 1984 costing 75P so it been a 23 year break. looking at the prices during those years the models seemed cheap!!

I have just gotten back into the hobby and amazed at the detail and products available. Due to space etc I decided to go into N gauge having previously modelled in oo. I constructed a 8x4 baseboard for a continous run mainline station setting, having laid down the trck plans and bought over £300 quids worth of track I decided to scale down the project as I had under estimate the cost of the other scenic accesories!!!

I scaled my plans down and curently have a small N gauge layout based on GWR/Southern Theme in the 60's, It is 5x3 and the setting is a fictional country Station them wih bay platform and three sidings. I was a useful excercise I got to practice ballasting, scenery techniques etc., I exhibited it in a model show in Waterford before Christmas. I have a stock about 5 Dapol 45X, 2 14x, 2 x M7, GF Class 20, Class 33, Batle of Britian, Merchant Navy, GWR Railcar and Pannier tank. Coaches are Crimson and Cream and Southern Green plus various freight stock.

I am currently collecting Irish Railway models and have 2 Class 201's, 2 x 121, 1 X 141 and N Call Mogul, 2 x A class and and NCC Jinty and a few coaches etc, I hope to try to tackle a kit or two in the future as they pose a fair old challege for sure.

I also hope to convince to wife to put a line or two out in the Garden as I dont really have space in the house for a layout!!!

I have also got my father back into the hobby and we both run DCC equipped model in OO Only on a test layout!!

All in all once I get the time to look at the options I hope to be back into Full swing in the near future.

I will hope to contribute as much as I can with my limited knowledge!!


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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