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Hello from Talybont, Barmouth

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Recently taken early retirement so I have decided to spend time - in between decorating and other "essential" jobs - to build myself, and grandsons, a new layout.

Not having done this since my teens I can see from perusing this site that I have a great deal to learn again, but spurred on by the recent gift of the "local" train set - Bachmann Cambrian Coast Express - and the recovery of some old models from the loft, am re-living my youth and teaching my grandsons the joy of playing with trains.

I have even managed to get a Triang 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth running again - not been out of the box for 40 years!

This is a great site with lots of help and information available - well done to everyone involved.


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Hi Alan and welcome to the MRF from another oldie returning to the hobby.

You'll find plenty of friendly, helpful advice here from our residents experts.
Hi there!
hi there. welcome to the forum.

i hope we can be of use to you on your return to the hobby.

Hi Alan & welcome to MRF.

Nice to see another returnee (even the sentance ryhmes !) - shame about my spelling.
Welcome back and welcome aboard

Welcome too! I returned to railway modelling some 5 years ago after a break of some 40+ years as well, but purely for my own pleasure, I happily confess.

Have fun,
John Webb
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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