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Hello from the Marches

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Hello everybody just found this forum and decided to join. My name is Paul and I herald from Shrewsbury, a secret place the media believes to be fictional. This is a good thing!!
I'm interested in all things on rails but predominently British diesels and electrics, at the moment.
Enough from me back to the intelligent entries.
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Welcome to the Forum! I hope that you find some of the information here of use to you and we look forward to your contributions.

I'm interested in European N gauge so this is probably the last time we'll post on the same thread! I don't feel too guilty since I never did introduce myself and this is the place to do it...

Welcome to the forum Paul.
Shrewsbury eh
Isn't that turn right after coming out of Atlantis
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Welcome to the forum Paul. I'm sure you'll find us all very helpful and informative.
Welcome to the Forum Paul,

Hope you enjoy uour visits.

As an aside I once went to Shrewsbury Station - they used to sell the most amazing cheese and onion baps!


Hello for 8 miles away!
Welcome aboard which eras/ area of the country are you modelling ? glad to see youre not from T*****D which seems to be mandatory on another forum
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For?? I meant from. I feel a right dunce now
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