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Yep that will be Railway Modeller. Since about 1968 ( when i was tall enough to push round dad`s Kitmaster coaches during track maintenance sessions) Think my first locos were a hymek and Brittania. In the early teenage i got to the stage of taking to bits any new purchase (to improve and personalise extra pick-ups lights , crew , wire handrails lamp irons) Then tried Whitemetal kits and scratch building. Following marriage and children 00 was stored away and a few continental N layouts were built. Once current diy house improvements are finished i will be emptying out the garage and start building . Predominantly a Western region layout set in the late 80`s So Blue diesels and HST`s . However there will have to be a presered railway as i have inherited my uncles and dad`s collections of the Big Four steamers and old stock.
Some way will have to be found also to run the Post 2000 collection of locos i have been unable to resist. However i am really looking forward to refurbishing the old wagons and coaches (some even older than me! ) and there may be an article or two from that. With a stock list of over 300 locos control will be mostly conventional dc sectional , although i will be turning over some lines to DCC.
Aside from railways i have interest in photography and cars . The N guage has gone as the eye sights going and arthritus stops the fingers working as they used too.
Have enjoyed browsing the site (thats why i am now doing the hello)

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Hi Paul

Welcome to the forum and you will find plenty of help here. Sound like a great collection you have. DCC is the way to go but sound very expensive if you were to convert all your loco's.

Best of luck on here!


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Hi Paul and welcome to the forum.

As Martin said equipping 300 odd locos for DCC running would not be cheap, but there is still a lot of mileage in the old systems yet.

I spent a lot of my formative (trainspotting) years on the Western Region and well remember just about every class of type 4, not to mention the 25s, 31s, DMUs and the all pervading HSTs.

I also remember the last of the Hymeks - circa 1975 and of course yhe Westerns. - Happy days!

Enjoy your visits and don't be afraid to ask questions - we don't normally bite.

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