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Hi Adiesun

Main dealers in UK are Hattons, Rails and The Signal Box. They will almost certainly have the new Pendolino set and probably at a lower price than you can achieve locally.

Your choice of Marklin or Hornby must be down to the prototype you want to model. If its the UK scene it really needs to be Hornby and Bachmann (and then later on you might get into Heljan and Vitrains). Don't make the mistake of thinking everything UK is Hornby. Bachmann make some very good UK outline models and should certainly be considered.

The choice of power is also critical. The power unit supplied with the Pendolino is called a "Select". If you are only going to use it with recent Hornby locos you will probably not have any problems. However, again there are other alternatives.

There are lots of questions that will spring up. What I would suggest is that you buy one of the model Railway periodicals. As you seem to be into modern image I would suggest Model Rail. These magazines have large adverts from the main shops in the UK and you will soon see whats available.

Good luck! Although I've been into model railways for 41 years , I sometimes think how exciting it would be to start with a clean sheet . Especially with todays models.

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