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Hello - new to Model Rail hobby

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Dear All,

Hi, I am new to the model rail hobby. I live in the UK and while searching for a starter kit, I came across Hornby models at Daniel store. This week, during my holiday visit to the Brussels, I saw Marklin models as well. Would you please advice me on selecting the right setup and good foundation for model trains so that I can expand it over the years.

Many Thanks

Warm Regards
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Welcome to the forum.

Märklin is a closed system,but with a great quality. The rolling stock offer to DC is more grater than AC or 3 rail (are the same). If you plan work with digital, in 2 rail have a lot of manufacturers and a big range of prices and qualities. For Märkling only have Märklin and i think Intellibox.

Regards from Spain,
If you like Märklin but finally you decide to work in two rail or digital DCC, the Trix catalog are the same that Märklin in a 90 %.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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