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QUOTE (odiaz @ 17 Aug 2007, 07:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Welcome to the forum.

Märklin is a closed system,but with a great quality. The rolling stock offer to DC is more grater than AC or 3 rail (are the same). If you plan work with digital, in 2 rail have a lot of manufacturers and a big range of prices and qualities. For Märkling only have Märklin and i think Intellibox.

Regards from Spain,
The ESU ECoS and Viessmann commander will operate Maerklin systems too.

However the first decision to make is what do you want to model UK, Continental or US outline. The other decisions will be made after that.

If you do want to model Continental, Maerklin are by far the biggest and one of the best manufacturers and are certainly well worth considering. Other manufacturers make versions of their locos specifically to run on Maerklin systems.
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