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Hello to all

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''Hello from Norfolk. I modal in 00 guage. My perticuler intrest is in the kings Lynn to Hunstanton railway from the G.E.R , LNER to br(e). I also colect railway equipment ie lamps tickets photographs and cast iron signs. I also work on the mid norfolk railway''.
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Hi and welcome to the forum. Your quite fortunate to work on the railway. Theres days where I would love to do that.
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Welcome aboard.....

A brave man I feel to tackle that particular area of the UK!


Hello and welcome. Well somebody had to be a GER modeller!
Enjoy the forum!
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Its somthing diffrent to the lms gwr and sr. I live along the Lynn to Hunstanton rout so you can understand wy.
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No problem with your choice, especially if you know the area well. Locos and rolling stock a bit limited in RTR though. Lots of fun to be had modifying and kit building though. Keep us informed and best of luck.
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