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Hi Everyone,
I have just joined the forum after browsing for a few months. I am 55 years of age and reside in North Staffordshire. My original modelling interest was (and still is when time permits) plastic model construction kits, particularly model cars. I have been modelling in 00 for about 20 years using RTR models and I am currrently building my second layout. This is a 11'x18" terminus with a 4' cassette type fiddle yard. I have no specialist skills to offer but hope I may be able to contribute something useful to the site. However my second posting after this one is a request for help! listed on the DCC forum, which is an area I have just started to 'dabble' in.

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Hi Brian

Welcome to the forum, I can only agree with what Neil has posted. Just don't ask me about DCC - I'm on the same learning curve.

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