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My name is George. I have only been into model railways for a year, but in that time I seem to have had more layouts than I can remeber. I began with the humble oval and siding on a 6' by 4', after purchasing a Bachmann Digital Starter Set. After having this for a month, the layout was then taken down and mounted on some wobbly wallpaper tables. This would not do, so I then relocated to the loft. This is where I remain today. I have a modest 17ft by 11ft railway (2ft all the way round the room). As I could see this would take a long time, I decided to make a small branchline underneath it. Then, after visiting Warley, I wanted an exhibtion piece. The branchline was torn up, and the track used on _______T&RSMD. It is still in the early stages, however. So, if you've read down this far without falling asleep - thank you!
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Welcome, George

Deeply impressed by your inability to remember how many layouts in your first 12 months

You are obviously having a very enjoyable and exciting time!
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Hi there George and welcome to the forum. You are in for some fun and exciting times with this hobby of ours and I'm sure you will enjoy them.
Hi George,

Welcome, it is contagious isn't it? There are so many aspects of the hobby you can sink your teeth (and your wallet) into.
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