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My name is George. I have only been into model railways for a year, but in that time I seem to have had more layouts than I can remeber. I began with the humble oval and siding on a 6' by 4', after purchasing a Bachmann Digital Starter Set. After having this for a month, the layout was then taken down and mounted on some wobbly wallpaper tables. This would not do, so I then relocated to the loft. This is where I remain today. I have a modest 17ft by 11ft railway (2ft all the way round the room). As I could see this would take a long time, I decided to make a small branchline underneath it. Then, after visiting Warley, I wanted an exhibtion piece. The branchline was torn up, and the track used on _______T&RSMD. It is still in the early stages, however. So, if you've read down this far without falling asleep - thank you!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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